Vehicle Support AKA The Broom Waggon

We can offer your group a professional level of support with our Broom Waggon service. We'll follow you in our vehicle giving you that piece of mind that assistance is right behind you.
Imagine the pleasure of riding up Mont Ventoux without 2 kilos of fluid in your bottle cages or your jersey pockets overloaded with food, spare tubes, a rain cape and arm warmers. Here's what's included in our Broom Waggon service:

We've been riding these roads for 15 years and no one knows them better than us. We'll advise you on the best routes to take, where not to go, and on Mont Ventoux in particular, we'll advise on what the conditions will be like at altitude relevent to the current weather conditions.


Broom waggon support including everything detailed above:

Cost: 350€ per day. (includes fuel)


With us you'll now have the option of riding some of the quieter roads without worrying about finding a lunch stop. We'll provide a full roadside picnic with bread, cheese, ham, saucisse, bananas, sweets, drinks and basically anything you want us to personalise your lunch stop with.

Cost: 12€ per person.

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